Holly Hall

Holly Hall Retirement Community

February 2013 – Present

Genuine Hospitality Consulting was first hired to conduct a feasibility study to determine whether Holly Hall could provide better food and service to their residents than an outsourced provider was offering at the time, by bringing their foodservice in-house. It was determined that they could, and for the same or less money.

GHC was then contracted to develop an entirely new foodservice operation and transition to it, seamlessly, from what was then their existing, outsourced service. The food would all be made-from-scratch comfort foods, and the service would rival that of a good restaurant. There would be no hint of Institutional Foodservice about what we envisioned and produced.

First, we wrote a budget including every cost associated with the undertaking: food, kitchen and dining room management and staff, Registered Dietician, chemicals, linens, disposables, uniforms, repairs and other items.

In consultation with various leaders in the field of gerontology, we wrote a 28-day menu rotation for breakfast, lunch and dinner, with a scalable recipe for each and every item. The menus and recipes were all approved by a Registered Dietitian and conformed to the budget.

We determined the staffing requirements for all front- and back-of-the-house positions, the qualifications necessary for all positions from Executive Chef and Dining Room Manager to Steward and Busser, conducted all interviews and selected the candidates to fill those positions.

Beginning with breakfast on August 1, 2013, we transitioned seamlessly from the former, outsourced foodservice to the current, in-house model. The new team has been serving breakfast, lunch and dinner, 365 days a year to approximately 180 residents ever since. The residents are divided among those in Independent Living, Assisted Living and Health Care with, as much as possible, the same high-quality, made-from-scratch food in each area.


  • Conducted the initial feasibility study about bringing the foodservice in-house.
  • Wrote the foodservice departmental budget.
  • Developed all menus and recipes.
  • Determined all staffing requirements, both management and hourly, and filled the opening positions.
  • Developed and implemented all foodservice systems and procedures.
  • Transitioned seamlessly from an outsourced foodservice to an in-house operation.
  • Trained all staff, front- and back-of-the-house.
  • Worked with the staff on numerous successful special events including holiday dinners, large fundraising events and Sunday Brunches.

Joe Abuso and Chef Peter Huber standing in the garden at Holly Hall Retirement Community.

The Kitchen Management Team: Sous Chef Andrew Shirley, Director of Dining Services and Executive Chef Peter Huber C.E.C., Joe Abuso and Sous Chef/Pastry Chef Joy Reading.