Based on our 25 years in the food and beverage industry, we help restaurants, caterers and hotels with the following services:

Pre-Opening Services

• Business plan development
• Opening costs analysis
• Site procurement and analysis
• Kitchen layout and design
• Inspections
• Permits
• POS systems
• Equipment procurement
• Menu development and pricing
• Recipe testing
• Writing standardized recipes on custom software
• Vendor selection and product specifications
• Wine and liquor program development
• Management and staff hiring and training
• Employee manuals

Operations Assessments and Strategies


We will conduct an in-depth analysis of any part of your operation that you’d like, drawing on 25 years of success and experience in the restaurant, catering and hotel business. We will consider every aspect of your operation from your customers’ point of view, including their experience with making their reservations; parking; how they are greeted at the door; what their interaction with the entire staff is like; their menu and wine choices; how they feel about the look, smell, taste and portion size of their food; your facility’s cleanliness, and more.


We will interview key staff members to get their take on just how the kitchen and dinning room function on a normal day. We’ll analyze your food and labor costs, scheduling, ordering, receiving, margins and marketing.


We will then provide you with a written report of our findings, with clear, specific recommendations to improve your product, service, marketing, staff morale and profitability. We are also available to assist in the implementation of any new program or strategy, big or small.

Front of the House

Service quality and operations assessments.

From minor adjustments to existing service styles, attitudes and concepts, to developing and implementing initial systems and procedures, Joe will work with you and your staff to hone your service team into a well-oiled machine your guests will love.

Staff training for busboys, waiters, captains, mangers, bartenders and sommeliers.

Develop operational procedures to improve quality, labor costs and morale.

Developing wine programs, including writing wine lists, pairing wines to your menu, vendor selection, staff training and offering wine dinners and tastings.

Back of the House

Menu, food quality and kitchen operations assessments.
Menu development. From minor tweaks and adjustments in terms of variety, quality, profitability and marketability, to major overhauls and initial concepts, Joe will work with you and your staff to develop menus your guests will love and that your kitchen can produce consistently, at a profit.
Desserts your kitchen can produce in-house, even if you don’t have a pastry chef.
Regional and international cuisines.
Writing standardized recipes.
Develop operational procedures to improve quality, costs and morale.
Kitchen design; equipment selection and procurement.
Purchasing, including establishing product specs, effective inventorying, receiving, storing and basic vendor relations.
Staff training, from steward to chef.
Safety and Sanitation issues.
Cost control.


“Thank you for everything. Your food was perfect. Your people, excellent. Our event will be remembered for a life time. Thank-you again.”

~ Lorene Copeland


Assessments of existing catering operations.
All of the topics Joe covers in (link here)Back of the House and (link here)Front of the House also apply to catering, both on premise and off.
Assist staff in handling all types of banquet work: seated dinners, buffets and receptions, from the simplest to the most elaborate.
In addition, Joe can help with sales, marketing, back office organization and improving your product and profitability by maximizing your use of ancillary services like rentals, decorations, entertainment, staffing, photographers, videographers, valet parking and more.
Check out (link here)The Five Levels of Catering to see where your restaurant fits,and to see how you can leverage your existing facility and resources to have more business and profit with minimum expense.

Information Management

The Office
The office may be the smallest space in your restaurant or catering operation, but when it comes to being successful, it can also be the most important. Are your records in order? Do you pay your bills on time? We can help make sure that your operation is handling the details so that you can maximize your profits, and minimize the expenses you incur when things fall through the cracks.

Customer Information
In terms of increasing your sales, having an accurate and up-to-date listing of your current customers and future prospects is a must. This task is often overlooked by restaurants but the advent of social networking has made it more important than ever to open the lines of communication between you and your public. We start with streamlining your contact lists and consolidating them in a centralized database. From there, we are able to help you stay connected to your customer base using email campaigns and social networking sites such as Facebook, as well as utilizing traditional print media.

Catering Operations

Successful catering is in the details, and there are a lot of them. Showing up on the right day, at the right time, at the right location, with all the right food, equipment and staff can be a daunting task if you don’t have systems and procedures in place that stack the deck in your favor. The higher the level of catering you offer, the more details there are to get right. We will create systems for you that capture all the necessary information and keep it flowing from the moment a client makes their first phone call, all the way to depositing their final payment and sending them a thank you card, and everything in between.

Human Resources

Timekeeping, payroll, taxes, health and safety programs, managing employee benefit packages, and governmental compliance; these tasks are the nuts and bolts of human resource management. With every passing year, keeping up with with the Human Resource portion of any business seems to grow in complexity and cost, taking you away from managing your product: food and service.

Genuine Hospitality Consulting is experienced in all facets of human resource management. With our knowledge of current laws and trends, we can:

Evaluate your current human resource systems and procedures
Perform a risk-assessment in terms of:

new-hire processing and governmental reporting
proper classification of workers and contractors
workers’ compensation coverage
The Affordable Healthcare Act
Federal and State Unemployment Insurance
Health and Safety pPrograms

Help find creative, cost-effective solutions to Human Resource Managment tasks
Set up systems and procedures
Create any and all supporting documentation