Operations Assessments and Strategies


We will conduct an in-depth analysis of any part of your operation that you’d like, drawing on 25 years of success and experience in the restaurant, catering and hotel business. We will consider every aspect of your operation from your customers’ point of view, including their experience with making their reservations; parking; how they are greeted at the door; what their interaction with the entire staff is like; their menu and wine choices; how they feel about the look, smell, taste and portion size of their food; your facility’s cleanliness, and more.


We will interview key staff members to get their take on just how the kitchen and dinning room function on a normal day. We’ll analyze your food and labor costs, scheduling, ordering, receiving, margins and marketing.


We will then provide you with a written report of our findings, with clear, specific recommendations to improve your product, service, marketing, staff morale and profitability. We are also available to assist in the implementation of any new program or strategy, big or small.